As a parent who has experienced the process of getting my child’s ears pierced, I am aware of the mixture of anticipation and fear that goes along with it. For children, getting their ears pierced is typically a big deal rather than merely a superficial cosmetic operation. There are a lot of concerns regarding aftercare, happiness, and a small amount of worry at this time. Swimming after a piercing was one of the most important things I had to ask myself. It’s a typical worry, particularly if the piercing falls during the summer or on a trip where the family will be doing water sports.

To immediately respond to the query in the title: After getting your ears pierced, it’s usually advised to stay out of the water for at least two weeks. To avoid infections and guarantee appropriate recovery, this precaution is essential. But, since reality doesn’t always enable us to adhere to these rules precisely, swimming may occasionally be necessary. It becomes crucial to take the appropriate precautions in such situations.

Risks of Swimming After Ear Piercing for Babies

Risks of Swimming After Ear Piercing

After getting your ears pierced, you run several hazards when swimming, especially if you do so before the wound has had time to heal.

1. Infection: Bacteria from lakes, pools, and seas may contaminate recently received body piercings.
2. Irritation from Saltwater and Chlorine: The piercing site may become inflamed and take longer to heal if saltwater and chlorine from pools are present.
3. Water Pressure: Swimming or diving in deep water can put pressure on the ears, which could hurt them or harm the just placed piercing.
4. Trapped Moisture: Bacteria can grow in an ear that has water trapped in it.
5. Displacement of Jewelry: Excessive swimming motions may cause an earring to come loose or shift, which can be uncomfortable and detrimental to the healing process.

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Understanding Ear Piercing and Healing Time

Even though they are popular, ear piercings should be carefully considered, especially for young patients. The procedure entails making a little incision in the ear, which requires time to heal completely. Depending on the kind of piercing, the recovery period might vary greatly. For example, the most frequent type of piercings, lobe piercings, usually take 6 to 8 weeks to heal. On the other hand, cartilage piercings, such as those on the top ear, may require up to a year to heal completely.

1. Type of Piercing: Compared to cartilage piercings, lobe piercings heal more quickly.
2. Aftercare Routine: Taking good care of yourself might help your body recuperate faster.
3. Child’s Health and Age: Because of their delicate skin, younger children may recover more slowly.
4. Environment and Activity Level: Children who are physically active or who are exposed to germs and dirt may heal more slowly.

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can i go swimming after getting my ears pierced

Protective Measures if Swimming is Unavoidable

Taking precautions is essential if your child has pierced ears and must swim.

1. Waterproof Bandages: To keep the piercing dry, cover it with a waterproof bandage.
2. Short Swimming Session: To minimize exposure, spend as little time as possible in the water.
3. Immediate Cleaning Post-Swimming: After swimming, clean the piercing right away with a saline solution.
4. Avoid Diving and Jumping: Lower your chance of experiencing water pressure burns and losing your earrings.
5. Monitor for Signs of Infection: Pay special attention to the piercing and note any redness, swelling, or discharge.

can babies go swimming after ear piercing

Personal Experience and Recommendations

My own experience is that we were very careful not to swim after my child had their ears pierced.

1. Timing: We timed the piercing for when there wouldn’t be any swimming.
2. Precautions: We utilized waterproof gear and cleaned the area right away when swimming was inevitable.
3. Observation: I watched the piercing carefully for any indications of discomfort or infection.
4. Consultation: To get guidance unique to our child’s requirements, we spoke with our physician.

can a child go swimming after having ears pierced

Professional Advice on Ear Piercing Aftercare

Here are five essential guidelines for ear piercing aftercare, derived from discussions with physicians and piercing specialists:

1. Keep the Area Clean and Dry: This is the most important piercing aftercare tip.
2. Use Saline Solution for Cleaning: Steer clear of strong chemicals and items containing alcohol.
3. Don’t Remove or Rotate the Earring: Delaying the healing process, might aggravate the piercing.
4. Avoid Touching the Piercing Unnecessarily: Reduce the possibility of bacterial introduction.
5. Watch for Signs of Infection: Redness, swelling, or discharge may indicate an infection.

when can i go swimming after getting my ears pierced


In conclusion, life sometimes calls for flexibility even though it’s advised to avoid swimming for at least two weeks following an ear piercing. Taking the proper safeguards is crucial to reduce dangers if your kid must swim during the recovery time. Keep in mind that each child is unique, so what suits one might not suit another. Your child’s comfort and health should always come first, and if you have any doubts, don’t be afraid to ask an expert for guidance. It’s important to strike a balance, between celebrating children’s milestones and ensuring their well-being and safety.


1. How long after getting an ear piercing should I wait to allow my child to go swimming?
• To allow for early healing, it is best to wait at least two weeks.

2. Can I swim with a waterproof bandage after my piercing?

• Of course, but make sure you clean the area well afterward.

3. How might an infection develop in a recently placed ear piercing?
• Check for discharge, discomfort, swelling, or redness.

4. Is it safer to swim in a pool or the ocean after getting pierced?
• Risks exist in both; seas contain germs and salt, while pools include chlorine.

5. After swimming, how should I clean the piercing?
• Apply a saline solution or the suggested cleaning supplies.

6. Can my child get their ears pierced and then take a bath?
• Indeed, but don’t stick your ears in the water.

7. How should I proceed if I think I may have an infection?
• Speak with a medical professional right away.


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