As a mom, I’ve experienced my child’s growth in many phases, each with its special surprises and joys. When my child realized she could produce mouth noises similar to farts, it was one of the most entertaining and unforgettable moments of her life. This unexpected shift in her vocal explorations made our family laugh and smile at the same time. Many parents may identify with this stage, which frequently sparks jokes and tales in parenting communities. Despite its humorous nature, this conduct sparked my curiosity about the underlying developmental processes. Why do newborns make these strange noises? Is it an indication of normal growth or is it merely a peculiar stage?

In response to the query in the title, the answer is yes, it’s OK and good for newborns to make mouth noises like farts. Playful and crucial to their vocal and communicative growth is this behavior. It symbolizes their growing curiosity as well as their mastery of control and experimenting with diverse sounds, which is a vital skill in language learning and cognitive development.  As we delve deeper into this topic, we will explore the factors contributing to why newborns display behavior and the impact it has, on their overall development.

Why Babies Make Fart Noises with Their Mouth

Why Babies Make Fart Noises with Their Mouth

1. Exploration of Sound: Farting noise is one way that babies learn about the variety of sounds they may make. They are constantly learning new things.

2. Control Over Vocalization: This action shows that they are becoming more adept at using their mouth muscles and voice chords.

3. Reaction to Reactions: Babies frequently keep producing these noises because they get amused and pleasant responses from their parents and other caregivers.

4. Language Development: The foundation for language development is laid by these sounds, which are primitive forms of communication.

5. Play and Entertainment: In short, newborns find it amusing and enjoyable to make these noises, which is why it’s a crucial component of play-based learning.

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baby making fart sounds with mouth

Parental Reactions and Encouragement

As a parent, I experienced a mixture of wonder and amusement when my baby began to make these noises. Parents often react this way finding it amusing and joyful. It’s essential to support this behavior as it allows the baby to explore and build confidence, in their ability to make sounds. Positive reinforcement, like grinning, laughing, or even imitating the sounds, creates a supportive environment for the baby’s vocal experiments.

When to Expect These Noises

1. Initial Sounds: Babies begin to coo and make basic noises around the age of two to three months, which paves the way for later, more intricate vocalizations.

2. Peak of Experimentation: Babies frequently start experimenting with various sounds, including fart noises, between the ages of four and six months.

3. Variations in Developmental: Since every infant is different, the time might change. Some people could begin their day sooner or later than usual.

4. Continued Vocal Development: As the infant becomes older, these sounds are part of a wider range of sounds that they can make.

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baby making fart noises with mouth

Expert Insights and Pediatrician Advice

Experts in child development stress the significance of these stages of sound production. These are seen as turning points in a baby’s development. Pediatricians frequently tell parents that these vocalizations are a typical component of development and encourage them to watch and support their child. However, speaking with a physician is advised if there are worries regarding a child’s lack of vocalization or other developmental problems.

Personal Experiences from Other Parents

I’ve heard a lot of parents tell me tales about their babies making similar noises in our chats. Though every story is different, they are all connected by comedy and happiness. Parents feel reassured and part of a community as a result of these shared experiences, knowing that their child is developing normally.

why does my baby make fart noises with her mouth


As I think back on this stage of my child’s growth, I notice how these seemingly insignificant events add up to big developmental achievements. They start a journey of communication and expression that lasts a lifetime. Recognizing the significance of these stages, in the development of our children, it is essential that we appreciate and provide them with our support.


1. Is it typical for infants to produce oral fart noises? Indeed, that is a typical and beneficial stage of their voice growth.

2. What actions should I take in response to my baby’s noises? Boost their spirits! To aid in their exploration, grin, laugh, and even make the same noises as they do.

3. When can I anticipate hearing these sounds from my baby? usually between four and six months, however, each baby’s timeline may differ.

4. Do these sounds suggest any problems with development? No, they are a typical aspect of voice discovery and growth.

5. How can I encourage my infant to develop their voice? Talk to them, acknowledge their noises, and create a setting that is both encouraging and stimulating.

6. If my infant isn’t producing these noises, should I worry? Each infant grows uniquely. However, it is important to have a conversation, with a pediatrician if you have any worries or questions.

7. Do these sounds affect language development in the long run? Although these sounds are essential to language development, they are only one facet of a much larger process.


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